Patient Testimonial

by Beachwood, OH sleep expert Dr. Jay Goldstein.

Video Transcript

Over the course of my life I always knew that snoring could have been a problem for me. I would wake up tired a lot just kind of be lethargic and sleepy throughout my day. Snoring is something that nobody wants to admit that they might have a problem with. But in reality, a large percentage of people in this world do and I was one of those people. So I looked at a lot of the options and most of them honestly were very cost-prohibitive and invasive. Invasive as far as major surgery to your face, wouldn’t you have recovery time from the surgery. The second alternative is really a CPAP machine which is this breathing device that you would wear in your sleep that’s pretty obstructive and it dries out your nasal passageways.


But then, I found Dr. Goldstein and he offered the solution through just a simple dental appliance that you would wear while you sleep, take it out in the morning, and it’s all there and just this small little case. It seemed like a logical solution to me. So in a sequence of just a couple of visits to the office, Dr. Goldstein, and his staff, essentially measured the whole inside of my mouth. They charted all of my teeth and cast some molds of my teeth and made a two-part kind of retainer that is adjustable. And what that does is it extends your bottom jaw out which opens your airway so it doesn’t collapse when you sleep. Thus, no snoring.


Literally, the first night after I use the appliance, I slept perfectly fine. It didn’t feel strange in my mouth at all. It’s very comfortable. It fit perfectly. I woke up in the morning, my girlfriend looked at me and she said, you didn’t snore at all and she kissed me and that was just validation enough. I have been wearing this appliance for– well, over six months now. And I will say that my energy is through the roof. I feel rested throughout the day. I feel good. My spirits are high. I would certainly recommend Dr. Jay Goldstein to anyone who thinks that they have trouble with breathing in their sleep or snoring.


The staff here is fantastic, the facility is hyper-clean, everyone is so gracious and cordial and super nice. I felt incredibly safe here. This is the obvious solution as opposed to invasive surgeries or other costly or cost-prohibitive solutions. Furthermore, in 10-fold perhaps, my relationship with my partner has grown and evolved tremendously because of this. Because now, she’s getting a good night’s rest as well as me, so exponential benefits. You should call Dr. Jay Goldstein today, if you’re having trouble breathing, or snoring in your sleep.